“Our thanks and appreciation goes to Vickery Lightning Protection for performing a first class installation on our Lake Martin home. The entire team was professional and courteous.  We were equally impressed with their knowledge and experience.  However, the more important point might be that each and every one of them was focused on performing the best implementation possible for us.  Lightning protection is not a product for which we wanted a cookie cutter approach and they were perfectionists at creating a customized solution for our home, our electronics and our boat dock. Plus the implementation was done in such a way that it does not distract from the beauty of our home.  We can highly recommend them with a full five star rating! Although no one can guarantee 100% protection from lighting, we definitely believe that we have the best protection that we can get.  Because their service in such high demand, it might require a wait, but it is well worth it for the best results and your peace of mind. And we definitely needed it after 4 unrelated lightning surges were followed by 2 direct strikes to our home 8 months apart. We all know that much of Social Media is filled by sound bites from a vendor or their ad agency but this contains only sincere comments in our own words.”

Don & Fran Birdwell, residents of Lake Martin and Hoover, AL

lighting protection installation

Lightning protection installation at Don & Fran Birdwell's lake residence.


Don & Fran Birdwell, Lake Martin and Hoover, AL

Dear Grady,

It has been over two years since you installed a lightning protection system on my house high on a mountain in north Georgia. Before it was installed, I had lost five DSL modems, two routers, two satellite tv boxes, one stereo, and three flat screen tv’s to indirect lightning strikes. Since you worked on my house I have not had the loss of anything. Not only do you provide a product that works, the service you provided was tremendous. Your staff and installers are all courteous and friendly and capable. I was very impressed that when I had an issue with one of the grounds to the water pipes not being suitable to the water supplier- you came and made it acceptable personally, even though there was no real reason to change anything from a functional standpoint. Your product does what you say it does. Thank you for solving my recurrent lightning problem and erasing a host of headaches that were recurring on a regular basis. And most of all, thank you for great service.

Morris Brown

W. Morris Brown III, M.D., Chief, Cardiovascular Surgery

Our house stands on a hill in an open hayfield. Consequently, we have felt vulnerable testimonial house photoduring thunderstorms and actually witnessed a lightning strike on a tree bordering our driveway. After two houses in the county were struck by lightning, we contacted Grady Vickery about installing a lightning protection system. We feel that the peace of mind that the system provides us has made it well worth the price.

In addition, we believe that the style of lightning rods that we chose are very attractive and contribute aesthetically to our home. Thanks for the great job!

Bill and Melodie Stinson
Junction City, GA

Bill and Melodie Stinson,

After building our house in 2003 it seems we were on a lightning magnet. Numerous hits and losses over the years. After the 3rd insurance claim we felt we had to do something or our rates were going to increase.

Starting with the Internet I started my research and come upon Vickery Lightning Protection. They came out to the house and completed a concise audit and a solution. We agreed to their suggestions in a two part installment and after the recent storms in the Atlanta area, lightning actually struck and blew out a transformer not 100 yds. from our house and we sustained no damage or loss of delicate items. In years past it would have been all kinds of items knocked out with even a hit miles away traveling through the ground and or telephone lines.

If anyone is having these kind of lightning issues I highly suggest calling Vickery Lightning Protection, their professionalism and installation of products were great.

Fred Bond
Newnan, GA 30263

Fred Bond,