• FAQ-Generators

    Q? Will I have to do anything when the power goes off and comes back on later?

    A: You will have to do NOTHING AT ALL! Within 10 seconds the generator will start up and come to life the, the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) will transfer your power source from the utility power company to generator. The generator will keep everything in your house up and running until the utility power is restored. The ATS will then transfer you back onto the utility power without you even noticing the switch it happens so fast. All without requiring you to leave your comfortable home or do anything at all. That’s the whole idea of having an AUTOMATIC KOHLER STANDBY GENERATOR installed by a professional company like Vickery Lightning Protection.

    Q? We have a really large home that is “total electric”, is it possible for you to install a KOHLER Automatic Generator that will run our entire home during an extended outage?

    A: Yes we can! Depending on the size of the load requirements which, will determine the size of the generator and Automatic Transfer switch (ATS) to switch you over to “Whole house” generation within about 10 seconds.  So that your day or night can go on as planned.

    Q? I own a really good construction type portable generator that I’ve used for years. I can just go outside when there’s an outage and roll this out of the garage then plug it into the electrical system and Boom! We’ve got POWER! Can’t I just use that gasoline construction generator to power my home?

    A: Well, we certainly DO NOT RECOMMEND YOU DOING THAT! How many reasons do you want to hear? Unstable power from an undersized or improperly loaded generator is very destructive to sensitive electronics like we all have and want to be able to use during an extended outage. Flat screen TVs, Satellite receiver, microwave, HVAC heating and air controls, Smartphone chargers and docking stations and the list just goes on forever. A gas generator that is running out of fuel or is improperly loaded will pulsate badly causing severe voltage spikes and sags that WILL DESTROY your expensive electronics. What is your “ Means of DISCONNECT between your generator and the High Voltage power lines that feed your home? Are you back feeding 14,000 volts up the line that could kill a utility worker? Frequently re-fueling is never a convenient or pleasant thing to have to do during an ice storm trying to keep your freezers from thawing and your pipes from freezing. Gasoline generators are very LOUD and NOTORIOUS for producing huge levels of carbon monoxide which get into your home through the open garage or basement door poisoning the Family it was meant to provide comfort for…   DON’T RISK IT! –Have a professionally installed KOHLER LP or Natural gas Automatic Standby Generator installed by Vickery Lightning Today and relax in the comfort of your SAFE and Warm Home never having to worry about any of these very serious issues-EVER.

    Q? When the generator is running, will it keep us and the whole neighborhood awake at night?

    A: Not at all! We have chosen to only sell and install Kohler brand generators because of their many quality features one of which is sound control. When installed, the exhaust of the generator is pointed directly away from your home and if you are indoors, youll probably not hear the generator start up and run at all. I can liken the sound put out by a high output air conditioner condensing unit or a truck running at high idle. We know from talking to our customers after an outage that they “never hear the generator running but it must because we are the only house that had lights”.

    Q? After the generator is installed, who will provide service and warranty work on the unit?

    A: We will, Vickery Lightning Protection is factory trained to provide fast dependable service, and regularly scheduled preventive maintenance on every KOHLER Product we install.

    Q? We are afraid of our entire system being fried by a natural or man made Electro-Magnetic Pulse or EMP, it it possible to protect our home and Generator against such an event?

    A: Well the short answer is YES, it is possible. Depending on what type of EMP we are talking about, its magnitude and the distance from the event when it occurs are crucial factors. For folks like us that concern ourselves a lot with these types of disasters, you start by buying a generator that has an all metal (steel or aluminum) outer body that can be effectively grounded and provide a Faraday cage effect for the generator itself. All conductors that run between the generator and the sensitive controls that are the “brains” of the Generator and ATS system must have frequency discriminating Surge Protection Devices (SPD) in place to handle overvoltage transients that will be magnetically coupled to every conductor within the field. Lightning Rated Surge Protection is the best product we have to combat this type of threat and have ratings sufficiently high enough to deal with what might be expected. For instance, we see Lightning induced EMP events that occur routinely to some customers within our unique business, the destructive effects of the nearby Lightning Strike is usually eliminated. The UL Listed 1449-3rd edition SPD products that we have available do very nicely at dealing with these transient “Killers” when coupled with a whole house Lightning Protection System, and the larger grounding footprint that comes with it- this strategy works very well.  Its not a matter of “IF’ we will see a major EMP but “when” whether it would be the result of terrorist extremists detonating several medium altitude nuclear weapons designed for that purpose or if we are dead in the sights of a CME or a Solar Coronal Mass Ejection, it is very likely that an EMP will affect us in some way during the course of our future. Some bad things you can mitigate the effects of and are worth it to try. There is not ONE single silver bullet that will protect you from every conceivable disaster but its always worth minimizing your exposure to the threat. The focus of EVERYTHING we do herefor desaster mitigation is the motto of the Boy Scouts Of America, BE PREPARED.

    Q? Do you offer Financing?

    A: Yes we do. We are an Authorized KOHLER Sales and Service Dealer and are proud to offer KOHLER Consumer Financing Program to our customers. There are several options and to choose from.